About Antidote Arboriculture


Antidote Arboriculture is a company that offers treatment against the emerald ash borer and Dutch elm disease thus contributing to the conservation of urban trees.

Our employees regularly travels between different regions of Quebec to help owners of ornamental trees threatened by insects and diseases, to help developers willing to preserve trees in their construction projects and to help municipalities wishing to set up an urban forestry program. We also take every opportunity to make public presentations on the importance and the great variety of benefits we enjoy due to the presence of trees.

Foundation & Experience

The company was founded in 2013 by the forest engineer Bruno Chicoine in order to contribute to the fight against the emerald ash borer. Mr. Chicoine has a deep understanding of the urban forest through its experience in the field.

He participated in the inventory of the municipal trees of Longueuil and Laval (1999), he put together an urban forestry program in Dieppe in New Brunswick (2004 and 2007) and he had the chance to contribute internationally to the promotion of urban forestry during an internship at the Food and Agriculture Organisation within the United Nations in Rome (2007-2008).

Bruno Chicoine was project manager for the charity Tree Canada in Ottawa (2009-2010) until he was offered a forest engineer position at the City of Montreal in 2010. His transition to the Department of Parks and Greening (2010-2014) allowed him to deepen his knowledge of arboriculture and to refine his skills in urban forestry through his involvement in the arboreal plan, emerald ash borer, vegetation control and enhancement of urban wood.

Bruno Chicoine holds a Bachelor in Forest Sciences (2005) and a Masters in hardwood species silviculture (2009); he now acts as a consultant, allowing him to devote himself to the development of Antidote Arboriculture and to contribute to other projects.

He is enrolled in the Registry of Lobbyists from the Quebec government for his work in promoting a strategy of slowing down the progression of the emerald ash borer. He’s also working to give new life to the wood of the trees that are being cut down in urban areas.