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Ash Treatment



Treatment with TreeAzin requires precision, patience and care, otherwise the dosage is incomplete. Too often, the rule of lowest bidder forces arborists to hurry and this result in an incomplete dosage, which undermines the effectiveness of the product. Be careful in who you hire for the sake of your trees! We choose our employees in order to obtain the best possible results. Hiring us assures you that your trees will receive exactly the prescribed dosage. In Gatineau, we manage to keep ash trees healthy in densely infested areas. Few of our competitors can say the same. If you have some ash trees and want to keep them, do not wait until they show symptoms of infestation. Treat them with TreeAzin as soon as possible. Call us to reserve your spot!

ash treatment Gatineau

The amount of TreeAzin to inject is correlated to the size of the trees to be treated. To measure your trees, use a tape measure or a string that you will measure later, and take the circumference by going around your tree at 4.5 feet from the soil, 140 cm from the soil or at the height of your chest. We will calculate the diameter of your ash tree from measuring their circumference in inches or centimeters. Do not forget to mention the unit of measure used and the municipality where the trees are located.


The qualified personnel at Antidote Arboriculture is able to travel throughout the province of Quebec to offer this service to municipalities, institutions and people concerned with the preservation of their trees and the benefits they provide.