Aboriculture Presentations


Some municipalities or organizing committees retain the services of Antidote Arboriculture to raise awareness to their citizens about the importance of trees in town or to familiarize themselves on good and bad practices in arboriculture.

Our presentations are dynamic and bring the audience to realize how powerful the many facets of the influence of trees on the environment, society and economy. Here are a few examples:

  • Why the need for urban trees? Explanation of the wide variety of benefits
  • Emerald ash borer : The Gatineau experience
  • Arboricultural Plan : Analysing the inventory to refine management
  • Arboriculture 101 : Good and not so good practices regarding tree maintenance
  • Urban Forestry…as pertinent in rural areas!

At the dawn of an infestation that will change the landscape of cities and villages of the province of Quebec, we have a great need to raise awareness of the importance and fragility of the trees in our living environment.