Mapped inventory


With the Emerald Ash Borer epidemic and the rapid decline of a large population of trees, land managers are set against an important challenge. Golf courses, grave yards and institutional grounds have often little or no information on tree growing stock under their responsibility. In order to identify healthy specimens in which to invest treatments for conserve as well as organize the removal of damaged trees, it is important for managers to know the extent and location of the workload beforehand.

We have developed, with the collaboration of a specialized forest inventory firm, a proprietary software which enables us to construct an accurate picture of an urban forest at a fraction of the cost of a regular inventory. With these results on hand, decisions can be made easily and affordably. This tablet based software gives our arborist the ability to quickly inspect, photograph and capture the GPS position of your trees. The resulting report exposes the actual problems and those to come as well as giving you strong evidence to explain to stakeholders the quantity of work laying ahead. This knowledge, in turn, leads to better planning and budgeting of field operations.