Tree Landscaping Plan


Under good conditions, trees are long-lived. Their owners and the neighborhood will reap the benefits, but also will have to tolerate the disadvantages. Landscaping projects that include the plantation of a large quantity of trees are usually expensive. For these reasons, it is important to invest a fraction of the project cost in a management plan, which will be developed by combining the skills of our landscape architect and our forest engineer.

A good landscaping plan will consider not only a good variety of species of trees and shrubs, but also the characteristics of each site, site function, ecosystem benefits to prioritize, the level of maintenance, urban lighting and the evolution of the site in the long-term. A good plan makes it possible to optimize the investment in the landscaping project, to avoid mistakes and to enjoy more quickly the benefits of mature trees. Antidote Arboriculture’s landscape architect will be happy to learn more about your project and to assist you in the planning stage.