Plan de remplacement des arbres


The emerald ash borer infestation raging now in southern Quebec will be costly to taxpayers and ash owners. That’s why we are offering the possibility to better manage this infestation through our strategy to slow down the progress of this pest. We offer this service to public, semi-public and private organizations that possess significant amounts of ash trees on their property. Any management strategy starts with a good inventory of your ash trees by integrating stem characterization. This inventory will give a comprehensive picture of the situation (tree health, structure strength, visible injuries, and superlative trees) to prioritize the treatment of valuable ash trees and the felling of dying ash trees.

We offer redesign plans with careful selection of replacement trees for an improved biodiversity. The redesign plan includes the location of the ash to be treated during the initial year of treatment, those to be cut down in the short, medium and long term and the selection of new species of trees to plant. Since the treatment of an ash tree is sometimes more economical than to cut it down, we prioritize the conservation of vigorous ash. However, as the replacement of a certain quantity of ash trees is inevitable, it pays to plan ahead and to replace them over several years. The sooner we start, the easier the crisis will be dealt with!

Antidote Arboriculture will be happy to listen to your needs in connection with the strategy to slow down the progress of the emerald ash borer or by helping with the creation of a replacement plan.