Why treatment is so costly?


TreeAzin control of the Emerald Ash Borer is considered by many as an expensive treatment. Many reasons contribute to this price. First, the insecticide costs 550 $ per liter and little economies of scale are offered for high volume purchases. The research and development of the formula itself has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and has to be reimbursed by the producer. This mean that in every intervention, 50 to 80 % of the total price is due to the product. Secondly, the treatment process requires the formula to be injected into the tree and this operation requires equipment costing nearly 10 000 $ for a two-man team.

Field work is also complex and time consuming in comparison with other tree care procedures. In fact, the injections are largely influenced by sap circulation speed in the tree. In June and July, this process is relatively slow and often requires the crew to first install the canisters then return many hours later to clean up. This two-step visit adds cost but insures the tree receives the complete dosage. In August however, sap movement accelerates and the absorption rate is much quicker. In many cases, the process requires only an hour or even a few minutes to be complete.

In sum, the Emerald Ash Borer treatment is expensive because of the expensive formula, injection equipment as well as the lengthy absorption time. Some find the intervention to have a steep price tag but it is always important to consider the benefits of your tree on real estate value and quality of life as well as the cost of removing a dead tree.