Tree Fertilization


In natural forests, trees have the chance to grow in a continually enriched soil with abundant organic matter and many microorganisms. In inhabited areas, residential, commercial or institutional construction alters the original soil and covers it with a thick embankment composed of low soil organic matter in which water and air percolates with difficulty. Water and air are essential to the growth and health of the roots and the decomposition of organic matter provide useful nutrients for the growth and vigor of plants.

In short, the trees that beautify our environment often have nutrient deficiencies. The application of a granular or an organic fertilizer can help. In addition, the application of fertilizer contributes to soil aeration thus promoting root growth.

Antidote Arboriculture offers granular fertilization, which is applied through holes in the ground and will decompose gradually. The mixture used is specially calibrated for ash trees and promotes tree vigor at the dawn of an infestation that threatens them seriously.